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Construction is finished. The exhibits will be installed soon.

The Topaz Museum will open soon.

The Topaz Museum Board  received a  Japanese American Confinement Sites grant to manufacture and install the permanent exhibits for the Topaz Museum which is located at 55 West Main in Delta, Utah, 16 miles from the original site of Topaz. Photographs, artifacts, and displays depicting the Topaz internment experience will inform and educate visitors. Further, former internees will take comfort in the fact that the hardships they endured will not be forgotten.

Construction on the Topaz Museum began on June 2013 and was finished in May 2014.  The museum opened in January 2015 with a show of artwork done in Topaz by internees.  In 2017 the full exhibits that have been designed by West Office Exhibition Design in Oakland, CA and will be ready for installation.  The exhibits will include a 20' x 20' barrack room, an art gallery, displays about camp life, a model of the camp, and text about the Constitutional issues of internment.

Topaz Museum and Education Center Naming Opportunities

Your name, or the name of a loved one, can forever be part of the new Topaz Museum. In recognition of your commitment to the history of Topaz or to honor former internees, we offer these suggested donations.  Please consider one of the following permanent naming opportunities in the Topaz Museum.

Full Museum                                                $500,000

Museum Lobby and Reception area        $250,000

Outside Recreation Hall exhibit               $250,000

Education Center Programs                      $250,000

Art Gallery                                                     $150,000

Interior Museum Barrack                          $100,000

Outside Courtyard                                       $100,000

3-D Camp Model                                           $ 75,000

Major Exhibit Areas                                     $ 50,000

Curator/Collections Area                            $ 50,000

Orientation Room                                         $ 35,000

Audio Visual Equipment                             $ 35,000

Executive Suite                                              $ 25,000

Exhibit stations                                             $ 10,000

Interactive iPad stations                             $ 10,000

Family Remembrance books                      $  5,000*

*Submit information and text about your family to be included in the museum archive.