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The Topaz Museum Board of Trustees is currently raising funds to create a permanent site for the Topaz Museum on Main Street in Delta, Utah. the Museum will house artifacts and interpret the history of Topaz. The projected budget for the Museum is $2.6 million. Currently, the Board has commitments for $1.8 million.  Be a part of this project by donating toward the new Topaz Museum. The Topaz Museum Board is a non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. The best way to support the Museum is to send a check to Topaz Museum, P.O. Box 241, Delta, Utah 84624. If you use the PayPal button on this website, PayPal takes a percentage of your donation.  Make a Donation Online

Giving and Naming Opportunities

Some of the Giving and Naming Opportunities for the Topaz Museum include:

Family Remembrance Plaque and Book $5,000.00
Exhibit kiosks $10,000.00
Interactive iPad presentations $10,000.00
Restored Recreation Upkeep $15,000.00
Orientation Room $35,000.00
Audio Visual Equipment $35,000.00
Executive Suite $25,000.00
Curator/Collections Area $50,000.00
Major Exhibits $50,000.00
Camp Model $75,000.00
Garden Walkway $75,000.00
Outside Courtyard $100,000.00
Interior Museum Barrack $100,000.00
Education Center Programs $250,000.00
Outside Recreation Hall Exhibit $250,000.00
Museum Lobby and Recption area $250,000.00
Museum Building $500,000.00

Be sure to look at our design plans on this website. 

To Donate Artifacts: If you would like to donate artifacts from Topaz to the Museum or receive more information about making a gift, please use the contact us page on this website.