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Videos about Internment

Abe, Frank, (Director). Conscience and the Constitution. [DVD] 60 minutes. History of resisters at Heart Mountain Internment Camp.

Children of the Camps documentary captures the experiences of six Americans of Japanese ancestry who were confined as innocent children to internment camps by the U.S. government during World War II.

Dietz, Kathryn (Producer) Time of Fear. [DVD] 2004. 60 minutes. Tells the story of 16,000 people sent to two relocation camps in southeast Arkansas, one of the poorest and most racially segregated places in America.

Fournier, Eric Paul (Director and Producer). Of Civil Wrongs and Rights. [DVD] 2000. 70 minutes.  The story of Fred Korematsu.

Ina, Satsuki (Producer). From a Silk Cocoon. [DVD] 2005. 57 minutes.

Johnson, Christine Toy (Producer). Transcending: The Wat Misaka Story. [DVD] 2008. 146 minutes.  It’s the 1940s in America and the nation is testing itself. Can a young Japanese American basketball star overcome the odds?

KTEH (Producer). Dave Tatsuno: Movies and Memories. [DVD] 2006. 50 minutes. In 1996, Dave gifted the American people, Topaz Memories, through the Library of Congress, where it is now part of the National Film Registry. Meet this inspiring individual and in his own words, hear his amazing life's journey

KTEH (Producer). The War: Nisei Soldiers. [DVD] 2007. This program tells the story of Japanese American veterans in the South Bay and Central Coast who fought valiantly for their country despite the internment of their families by the US Government. It illuminates their bravery and struggles and asks the question, who can be called an American?

Moore, Ed (Producer). Most Honorable Son. [DVD] 2007. 60 minutes. Tells of one man’s remarkable journey through World War II, while providing context to two seemingly disparate histories – the U.S. air war and the Japanese-American experience.

Okazaki, Steven (Director and Producer). All we could carry. [DVD] 2011. 15 minutes.  Tells the story of the Heart Mountain Relocation Center.

Omori, Emiko (Producer and Director). Rabbit in the Moon. [DVD] 2004. 85 minutes. The story of 120,000 Japanese Americans who were imprisoned in the camps during WWII.

Nakano, Desmond (Director). American Pastime. [DVD] 2007. 105 minutes. Fictional depiction of the Nomuras who find themselves in a dusty, windblown desert camp. The viewer sees some actual footage of Topaz War Relocation Center, shot by Dave Tatsuno, using a camera that an administrator helped him bring into the camp.

Quan, Rick (Director and Producer). The Art of Gaman: The story behind the objects. [DVD] 2010. This includes stories about the internees who created the objects in the exhibition as told by their children and grandchildren, as well as an interview with Delphine Hirasuna, who wrote the book and curated the show "The Art of Gaman.”

Rosen, Steve (Director). Beyond Barbed Wire. [DVD] 2001. 225 minutes. An emotionally charged telling of a bizarre moment in America’s history. The stories, poignant and humorous, recount the struggle that the offspring of interned Japanese Americans faced when they fought for America in WWII. Includes the Hollywood movie Go For Broke, 1951 staring Van Johnson.

Tanner, David and Andrea Palpant (Producers and Directors). Take Me Home. [DVD] 2005. 15 minutes. A child’s experience of internment.

Verdoia, Ken, (Producer and Director). Topaz. [DVD] 1988. KUED. 58 minutes.  This documentary discusses internment, contains interviews with former internees, and has footage of Topaz from Dave Tatsuno’s movie filmed during camp.

Wang, Ben and Mike Cheng (Directors and Producers). Aoki: A documentary film. [DVD] 2009. 94 minutes.  Chronicles the life of Richard Aoki, a third-generation  Japanese American who became one of the founding members of the Black Panther Party. Aoki was also in Topaz. Abe, Frank, (Director). Conscience and the Constitution. [DVD] 60 minutes. History of resisters at Heart Mountain Internment Camp.