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The Topaz Museum will open as soon as the exhibits are installed

Until sufficient money is raised to finish the exhibits in the Topaz Museum,  the Museum will not be open to the public on a daily basis. If you would like to visit the recreation hall, please make arrangements by e-mail using the contact us button on this website. (See photos of the building on this website.)

The restored recreation hall was half of the Topaz Boy Scout meeting hall on Block 42. After the camp closed the government sold the barracks to people who turned the structures into houses and farm buildings. This building was purchased by the Eldro Jeffery family and was used as a storage facility until the family donated it to the Museum.  It has been restored to its 1943 appearance with untaped sheet rock on the walls, masonite on the floor, and tar paper covering the pine boards on the outside walls.

The Topaz site is open year round.  We ask that visitors drive only on the roads and leave all the artifacts in place. There are maps on this website that can be used for self-guided tours or visitors may contact us to make an appointment for a tour.  The address of the mile-square camp begins at the corner of 10000 West 4500 North, which is 16 miles outside of Delta, Utah.  The monument is located at 10750 West 4500 North.

Lobby of the Topaz Museum