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Digital Materials on the history of Topaz and Topaz Internees

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  • Tanforan and Santa Anita Births
  • Marriage Records from Topaz
  • Death Records from Topaz

Digital Media on the history of Topaz and Topaz Internees

  • Adachi, Jeff. You Don’t Know Jack—The Jack Soo Story. AAMM Productions, 2011. Goro Suzuki AKA Jack Soo biography. DVD
  • Boch, Akira. Masters of Modern Design: Kay Sekimachi. JANM Watase Media Arts Center/KCET ARTBOUND Series, 2019. DVD.
  • Clay, Emery III, Stephen Holsapple and Satsuki Ina. From a Silk Cocoon. California Civil Liberties Public Education Program/CAAM, 2006. DVD.
  • Fournier, Eric Paul. Of Civil Wrongs and Rights: The Fred Korematsu Story. CAAM, 2000. DVD.
  • Fukami, Dianne. Chrysanthemums and Salt. KCSM-TV/San Mateo Community College District, 1994. VHS video.
  • ____________ . Tanforan: Race Track to Assembly Center. KCSM-TV, 1994. VHS video.
  • Kokka, Ken. Blossoms & Thorns: A Community Uprooted. Contra Costa JACL, 2012. DVD.
  • Muramoto-Wong, Shirley Kazuyo. Hidden Legacy: Japanese Traditional Performing Arts in the World War II Internment Camps. Murasaki Productions, LLC, 2014. DVD.
  • Nakano, Desmond. American Pastime. Warner Home Video, 2007. DVD. [Fictional content]
  • Okazaki, Steve. Unfinished Business: The Japanese American Internment Cases. Farallon Films/New Video, 2005. DVD.
  • Verdoia, Ken. Topaz. University of Utah/KUED PBS, 1988. DVD.

Digital Materials on the Nine Internment Camps

Amache (National Historic Site; aka Granada)

Gila River

Heart Mountain (National Historic Landmark)


Manzanar (National Historic Site)

Minidoka (National Historic Site)


Rohwer (National Historic Landmark: Rohwer Relocation Center Memorial Cemetery)

Tule Lake (National Monument)

Digital Materials on the Japanese American Experience During World War II

Digital Media on the Japanese American Experience During World War II

  • Aderer, Konrad. Resistance at Tule Lake. Labheart Media and Life or Liberty, 2018. DVD.
  • Boch, Akira. Masters of Modern Design: The Art of the Japanese American Experience. JANM Watase Media Arts Center/KCET ARTBOUND Series, 2019. DVD.
  • Donahue, Raechel. Heart Mountain: An All American Town. Big Stagecoach Productions, 2011. DVD.
  • Doyle, Se ‘Merry. Jimmy Murakami: Non Alien. PopTwist/Monster/Loopline, 2017. DVD.
  • Forsberg, Rolf. Going For Broke. New Dimension Media, 2006. DVD.
  • Fukami, Dianne. Starting Over: Japanese Americans After the War. KCSM Television New Americans Series, 1996. VHS video.
  • Holsapple, Stephen. Children of the Camps: The Documentary. Center for Asian American Media (CAAM), 1999. DVD.
  • Inada, Lawson Fusao (Actor). What It Means to Be Free—A Video About Poetry & Japanese American Internment. TTTD Productions, 2001. DVD.
  • Katayanagi, Claudia. A Bitter Legacy. Gravitas Ventures, 2016. DVD; Blu-ray.
  • Legacy of the Nisei: Stories of Japanese American Internment and World War II Veterans. San Leandro (CA) Public Library, 2012. DVD.
  • Legacy of the Nisei Veterans: WWII Stories of the 100th/442nd and Military Intelligence Service. San Leandro (CA) Public Library, 2011. DVD.
  • MacIntyre, Jeff. Witness: The Legacy of Heart Mountain. Content Media Group/KABC TV, 2014. DVD.
  • Nishikawa, Lane. Only the Brave. Mission From Buddha Productions, LLC, 2007. DVD.
  • _____________. Our Lost Years. West River Productions, 2019. DVD.
  • Ochiai, Ken. Half Kenneth. American Film Institute, 2008. DVD.
  • Okazaki, Steven. Days of Waiting. Farallon Films/CAAM/NAATA, 1991. DVD.
  • Omori, Emiko. Rabbit in the Moon: A Documentary/Memoir About the World War II Japanese American Incarceration Camps. Wabi-Sabi, 1999. DVD.
  • Parker, Allen. Come See the Paradise. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC, 2006. DVD; Blu-ray. [Fictional content]
  • Pirosh, Robert. Go For Broke. MGM, 1951. Public domain film available on The Film Detective Restored Classics (DVD) and with added footage (DVD).
  • Reep, Rob. Singled Out: Jerome and Rohwer. Fossil HD/Raptorproductions, 2012. DVD.
  • Tashima, Chris. Day of Independence—A Short Film on the Japanese American Internment. Cedar Grove Productions/Visual Communications, 2003. VHS video.
  • Williams, Sue. Time of Fear. PBS Home Video, 2005. DVD.
  • Yamamoto, Sharon. One Fighting Irishman: Wayne M. Collins and the Tule Lake Segregation Center. JANM Watase Media Arts Center, 2024. DVD.
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